Once the architectural details are established, take a moment to compliment your foyer with beautiful arrangements.

Sandra Robson, Graphic Designer 

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The major door in any home is the front door! It is the visitors’ first impression of the state of your home, of your style and your personality!

In fact, the colour of your door can tell people a lot about you.

What does your front door say about you?

Pina Lancia, Account Manager
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There seems to be a great interest recently in homes or design plans that include barn doors.  It may be for space saving in small spaces such as condo's, or it may be to bring additional conversation pieces into the space.  There is something about the character that a barn door brings.  I just love it!

If you are thinking of putting one in, this is a great article, so you can ask the necessary questions.

Julie Saville, Marketing Coordinator

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